A few years back, I heard an interesting story about the early struggles of the Chilean wine industry.

Now, everyone knows today Chile makes a good bottle of wine (if too often, a bit “basic”)

But most don’t realize that during it’s early commercialization in the 1980s, they had a bit of a problem.

Namely, with their Merlot. You see, they had these grapes growing in abundance, but for whatever reason, all the wine from them tasted like shit.

No matter what they did while raising the grapes, no matter the perfect weather conditions… the wines tasted bitter and “green,” like chewing on a leaf stem.

Years of frustration and wasted crops wore down on the psyche of these producers.

It got so bad they eventually gave up. They decided Merlot must just not grow right in Chile.

That their vines were simply put, bad.

So, they began pulling them up with a vengeance.

That is, until a french ampelographer (a guy who identifies and distinguishes grape vines) did some snooping, and realized that there was actually nothing wrong with vines.

In fact, the vines were so good, these growers had a verifiable gold mine on their hands… which they were throwing all away!

What was the deal?

Turns out, most of what the Chileans had wasn’t Merlot, but a rare, thought-to-be-extinct Bordeaux sibling called Carmenere.

Which, incidentally, needs an extra 3 weeks to ripen.

In other words, these Chilean producers were picking their grapes THREE WEEKS EARLY.

Which in harvesting is all the time in the world.

It was like eating a green cherry or a hard peach instead of rich ripe one.

Once producers realized this, they immediately changed their “picking times”… and found they had on their hands not only some of the most delicious wine in South America, but a whole market niche that they and only they could exploit.

After all, who else grew Carmenere but them?

In the end it became Chile’s “Malbec,” and forever put their wines on the international stage.

Anyway, what, you might ask, does all of this have to do with women?

Mucho, mi amigo.

You see, most dating advice out there is tailored to attracting a specific “breed” of woman.

Usually, these women are ones the guy himself is drawn to. But perhaps even more ominously… the advice is also based YOU being a man with similar personality such as the coach himself.

A big problem, if you’re, say, a thinking introvert and the “expert” is a feeling extrovert.

Counterproductive even.

Because when you use stuff that doesn’t fit you or the situation, you might just find those tips don’t get you sweetness from the ladies… but sour grapes instead.

Which is why yours truly tries to stay away from prescribing anything specific to the general public, unless I am certain it is 90% or more universal.

When it comes to the nitty gritty, I’ve got to know about you, and, if applicable, your woman if I’m going to get things right and help you out.

Then and only then can I tell you exactly which actions to “pick” so the outcome is most “ripe.”

Which is why I offer coaching.

It’s an intimate experience.

One that requires readiness, vulnerability, and humility.

Lazy drama queens who think they know what’s best (yet have lives that disappoint) are not included, and screened out in the application process.

(and hopefully, here)

Because those are the only guys I can’t help.

Everybody else?

Once they jump in, revelations abound.

As one former client, Jake, recounts:

He’s got a knack for seeing where the truth is or where he needs to push on a point to unlock the underlying issue for why you’re not quite satisfied with your love life (and maybe social life in general). For me, some of it was a little uncomfortable because he put his finger pretty quickly on some things I’d been avoiding admitting to myself, some of which were complete untruths I’d internalised as parts of my identity without questioning. Exposing them to the light has left me with a lot to think about and a path past them as well”

Once you see something, you can’t unsee it.

And I’m all about revealing those hidden truths, baby.Services are on discount until the end of the month.

Fill out an application here.

Summer’s coming. Beautiful women will soon be out and about, looking for love.

It’d suck to waste another year spinning your wheels.

– Pat

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