Full disclosure: I’ve got nothing against social media. 

It’s a huge ecosystem with a TON of benefits. I’ve met like-minded people I’d have never met otherwise, kept in touch with friends I probably would have lost, and reached tens of thousands of strangers who would have been out of reach.

In fact, I don’t know where my business would be without it.

But there’s one thing about it I absolutely hate.

Hate so much that I’ve grappled with leaving social media all together.

The viral outrage.

It’s endemic to social media. “Look at what this random person no one knows or cares about did. Now let’s all get pissed at a bunch of other random people who are defending him!”

It’s an easy cycle to get “trapped” in and miss the big picture.

Which is, that none of it matters. None of it.

It is doing precisely nothing to make your life better.

The only people who care about it are the journalists who are pushing it, because they have a narrative to sell and want your attention.

They want you transfixed to their story, to care.

But why should you?

If you’ve got the money or time to make an impact, maybe that’s ok.

But if you’re on the sidelines, by paying attention all you’re doing is wasting your precious energy.

You’re indulging drama.

Something not simply outrage hucksters, but women are particularly good at creating.

So when you’re out there dating, caveat emptor my friend.

Just like Twitter and Facebook drain your energy through their agenda, many women do the same thing.

For them, drama is meaning.

It gives them something to talk about and feel relevant.

It ain’t good for you if you want to grow.

Screen carefully. And cut the energy vampires out sooner than later.

How to do this?

Get my book, Tackling Texting.

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– Pat

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