Did you know 10% of wine drinkers are responsible for 91% of wine sales in the United States?

Yep, that’s right — “daily wine drinkers” are the sobs that prop up the wine industry with our need for a “fix” of grape juice. The other “marginal drinkers” who only indulge on special occasions make up the overwhelming majority of wine consumers… but the overwhelming minority of actual consumption.

To be honest, I expected the stats to go in that direction… but not to that extreme. Nuts.

But you know what the real crazy thing is?

“Daily wine drinking” itself is a pretty broad category.

It encompasses the responsible drinkers who enjoy a single glass of vino each night.

But, it also includes the more “normal” drinkers (such as yours truly) who go for 2 to 3. As well as the real booze-hounds who down whole bottles… and beyond.

How much do you think they are worth to the wine industry?

Mucho diñero, mis amigos. I’d reckon those drinking half a bottle a night + are worth 70% of sales… and I wouldn’t be shocked if it was even higher.

Whether you’re the average person who self-medicates with just a bit of alcohol, or the truly suffering señior who’s trying to forget he’s alive, the alcohol industry profits not from your tastes, but from your desire to escape.

Sure, if you’ve got the $$, maybe those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

But I bet most of the unofficial addicts are killing two-buck chuck and Yellow Tail, not Grand Cru Burgundy. It’s the feeling, not the phenols.

Anyway, what’s all this got to do with you?

Misery comes from a lot of things… but few are greater than dissatisfaction in your romantic life.

Whether it’s a nag of a wife, a broken heart, or an inability to attract the women you want… I’m willing to bet at least for a time, you WILL attend to the affairs of your heart with the bottle.

It’s a way of avoiding the pain.

But, it’s not a particularly good one.

Drinking away your problems won’t ever get them solved.And, even worse… it’ll drain your cash.

Even enjoyable cheap wine will run you $9.99. My book, Tackling Texting, on the other hand?

Half that.

And rather than numb you to your current problems, it actually solves them.

I could have turned this sucker into a video series and sold it for hundreds, so deep is the psychological information inside.

But I didn’t, so as many of you as possible could get it.

Here’s the link, stop drinking and dive in: https://www.amazon.com/Tackling-Texting-Women-Natural-Dating-ebook/dp/B06XRC4C5K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492166961&sr=8-1&keywords=tackling+texting

You can leave a review on Amazon to thank me later 😉

– Pat

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