“Pat provides immediate empathy, switching dynamically from solving sexual frustrations to dating confusions to diving deep in childhood trauma and encapsulated frozen personality aspects and generation karmic entanglements, almost all-knowingly leading inquiring personalities with fatherly intuition. Pat is exceptionally aware and heartwarmingly compassionate, carefully guiding troubled souls to confront darkest corners of psyche with crystal clear precision and suggests unexpected serenity with the simple breeze of clairvoyance and plenty of a-ha moments. Yet Pat tolerates no bullshit, catches and calls out comfortable lies used to pacify self thus far, and Pat helps to radically inspect the mindset hangups, providing workable solutions with immediate application to transform the stuck into growing, developing, dynamic men and release the natural True Self that has been looking all the time towards this moment to unleash into full active potential. Coaching with Pat is easy in scheduling, careful in the discussion, and profound in results. The discussed topics take a deeper turn and result in touching the underlying actual source of frustration. True causes for the symptoms on which Pat’s guidance was initially sought. I have learned that my supposed inadequacies are reflections of the partner’s inappropriateness. And also what I thought to be my hang-ups are a healthy way of addressing relationships. It is very helpful to have a piercing sniper’s eye view on the status, progress, and direction of the relationship from aside, and Pat serves this function with exceptional diligence, stern steering hand, and brilliant revelations. When going into Pats coaching, be totally open, honest, absolutely transparent, and disclose everything clearly and in-depth, to maximize the result and uncover things you did not expect – which ultimately will get to your healing, recovery, and thriving much faster.”