Put out a tweet yesterday that went somewhat viral:

Unsurprisingly, it pissed off a ton of guys. Many insisted I had issues for even suggesting it.

This isn’t much of a shocker for me. I’ve long said that while the manosphere is decent at understanding female nature, they are terrible at understanding their own. Most “manosphere” guys are simply ignorant to their own impulses — they like to think of themselves as totally reasonable, it’s women who are the ones with disturbing traits. That, or they are simply naive in general, and think that “normal” people are only drawn to objectively proper behavior in the opposite sex.

I have enough experience with men to know this isn’t true. However, to be charitable, the work “crazy” is subjective, and thus to a certain extent “bait.” Somebody can see this term and imagine I am talking about toxic women — that what men want is a sexy and insane Harley Quinn type of a girl.

Making a statement like this would be akin to saying all women want a “bad boy,” which is false (however, it’s worth noting so many guys who objected to my statement wouldn’t object to this one!). Nevertheless, there is an energy the “bad boy” has that is appealing to all women. In the same way, there is an energy the “crazy girl” has that is appealing to all men.

This energy is a feral, almost sexual instinct. I say “almost” because it is not always directly sexual. But it is adjacent to it, as it is reflective of raw masculine or feminine impulse, and creates polarity.

In the man, this impulse is daring, aggression, risk-taking. It is the part of a man that says “fuck it.” That seeks the edge for the sake of it, and takes what it wants.

The red pill will talk about this as being “alpha,” but its descriptions are too academic, and frankly convey a lack of visceral understanding (because most red pill writers, like Rollo, are anything but alpha). It is not an affected behavior that attracts women. What we are referring to here is a man’s masculine energy, his vitality.

Women do not like psychopathic bad boys, but these dangerous men — unbalanced and unreliable as they are — express this vitality. Sexually, it is hard for a woman not to want it — especially if she has not experienced it among the conventional, overly socialized “nice guys.” Indeed, it is over-socialization that is responsible for so much of this suppression of essence. Too much super-ego, not enough id.

Very few men reading this will disagree with what I say above; the “bad boy” vs “nice guy” paradigm is canon in this corner of the internet. Yet the argument about men wanting “crazy women” is no different. You are not going to desire a woman who is overly socialized and suppresses her instinct. You may love her and appreciate her, but you are not going to want to fuck her. You want to fuck crazy, because the feminine essence itself is crazy. It is an energy devoid of logic: it makes mountains out of molehills, it is fickle, it is untamable. It indulges for its own sake, and does what it wants.

This doesn’t mean you want a woman is only crazy. You may be sexually aroused by the desire to dominate and subdue that which resists all order, but dealing with a woman who is all drama is exhausting. At a certain point, you come to see that there is no reward for your effort; she is simply sucking away your life force. Most men date a woman like this once, and are so drained by the experience they never return to it again.

Yet for many men, these women leave a mark, and while they might “retire” in peace to a “good girl,” part of them will miss this crazy. Some accept the compromise, others struggle with it. It is from this sacrifice many affairs are born.

The alternative to this is simple: integration. Find a woman who is loyal and sensible, but retains some degree of impulse and irrationality. Or find a woman is is loyal and sensible and bring that wild instinct out of her.

It is there, though it may be deeply buried beneath shame and programming.

But I promise you will not draw this primality out of a woman if you have not tapped into it yourself.

You must explore your own impulse. You must be less sensible and more wild.

Which is why I discuss this topic in Module 6 of my masterclass.

Understanding psychology and attraction is important. But information can only get you so far.

You need to learn to tap into an energy beyond logic.

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– Pat