I am getting WAY too many guys recently lamenting their average-sized equipment. So I’m going to break down the reality of being well-endowed when it comes to dating MOST women.

First, let’s use some SCIENTIFIC definitions based on numerous studies of penis size. Micro is less than 3 inches. Small is 3-4. Below average 4-5. Average 5-6. Above average 6-7. Big 7-8. Huge 8+.

So what penis size do women prefer?

HONESTLY it depends on the woman. You’re not allowed to talk about this for some reason, but vaginas come in different shapes and sizes too. I have been with girls where I was “very big” for them and they felt like a Chinese finger trap, and I have been with girls that felt like a plastic bag. I am by no means “huge” per the scale above.

Then you have personal preference. Some women like feeling more full from a guy, other women find it painful and less enjoyable. Some of this has to do with arousal, but less than you think (especially over the long-term).

I’ve spoken to more women than I can count about this, including ones who were willing to confide quite a few personal details. The reality is that most women find a big penis VISUALLY appealing, but after a certain point it is a NEGATIVE not a positive for sex.

And by negative I don’t simply mean “not as enjoyable,” I mean it can destroy your sex life altogether.

I heard this first hand from a close friend of mine many years ago. He was in the “huge” category — something most guys today (due to porn) seem to think is exactly what you should want.

Yet in reality his relationships were severely hampered. In at least two of them, he and his girlfriend essentially couldn’t have sex. One was in pain the next day every time; the other needed an hour to warm up so they could even try it. This is of course a fantasy for the male ego, and the “high quality problem” was funny amongst us early 20s lads. But he was actually pretty exasperated and frustrated. He barely had sex because it was this big ordeal. Even with girlfriends he could have sex with, it could never be done impromptu. To my recollection only one girl was actually able to enjoy having sex with him.

I’ve heard similar stories from women. If they ran into a guy with a “huge” dick, they either wouldn’t have sex with him or had to stop. It just didn’t feel good for them.

Please understand what I’m saying here is NOT that “hung” guys automatically have a cursed sex life. There are plenty of girls who are very happy to be with them. I’m not trying to reverse shame them (though I frankly doubt most of them would care).

The point here is simply to reframe things for the rest of you.

There is only a small number of “size queens” who actively *need* huge dicks, and it’s not physiological, it’s because they are porn-brained themselves and have a fetish.

Most women don’t care and won’t even prefer necessarily a huge dick, because the bigger your dick, usually the less long she can have sex before she’s sore. Even if they enjoy the idea of it, the experience is something different.

So PLEASE stop freaking out about this. I cannot tell you how many guys feel sexual shame because they have an AVERAGE penis. As if their AVERAGE penis wasn’t meant to do well with an average vagina. Understand none of this is real, you have been PROGRAMMED by people who want you to hate yourself.

This goes especially for guys who are “above average.” You are worrying about a problem that has no practical implications for your life.

Nevertheless, I’m sure many of you are still wondering if there is anything you can do to “grow.”

Of course there is surgery, but unless you have a micropenis, I would absolutely not under ANY circumstances consider this. There are so many things that can go wrong… I will just leave it at that.

But at risk of sounding like the dick pill salesman, there is in fact ample evidence that some penis pumps and stretching devices work.

From what I understand this is a serious commitment like the gym, but you can gain a couple inches from the process if you take it seriously.

Those who remember the good old days of blogs a decade ago might recall Chris Deoudes aka, “Good Looking Loser” documented his journey heavily (including notoriously with shots of his junk). I was actually going to redirect you to his blog because he did in depth reviews of male enhancement devices, but it seems Chris took it down at some point (maybe a rebrand coming?). At any rate, he talked a lot about the bathmate, so you can look that up.

But the reality is unless you’re below average, I wouldn’t direct much focus at all to this. What you have is adequate to the task of pleasing a girl – you are MUCH better spent learning how to attract women and understanding the techniques and attitudes required to be a good lover.

Which is incidentally why I cover all of this and so much more in my 18+ hour masterclass.

Because it is designed to give you FULL SPECTRUM knowledge when it comes to women.

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– Pat