Had an interesting question the other day from a client about my book, Tackling Texting.

(A must read if you are trying to get girls out on dates and maintain attraction, whether you meet them online or in person)

Basically, a girl he was messaging was taking a long time to respond. He was trying to “mirror” her responsiveness like I said to do in the book. But the problem was this meant their text frequency was getting shorter and shorter. What to do?

Well, in truth this was also covered in the book. I have a whole chapter dedicated to when you break rapport, and why — you avoid issues like the above, and make the conversation feel more natural (in other words, sometimes respond quickly, other times slowly).

However this got to a broader question. In 2022 can you really ever afford to wait a long time to text? Is it possible my book is thus outdated?

Spoiler alert: No, my book isn’t outdated. Because it is principle based, and principles are timeless. All that has really changed is some of the things I mentioned like using media were cutting edge 5 years ago when I wrote the book, whereas now using photos, videos, emojis etc. is mainstream.

(If I could update the book, all I would add is that voice notes have become very powerful and should be used often)

But the question nevertheless has merit. The time lag of communication has changed even in 5 years since I wrote the book. Everything is moving faster these days. Much of this is simply anxiety and people’s increasing levels of distractibility. Unless you make a very strong impression, you cannot take a leisurely pace with setting up dates.

Yet facts are facts. 15 years ago, when I first got into game, you still had members of the older cadre — the guys who cut their cloth in the 80s and 90s and were in their 40s in the early 2000s — talking about waiting 3 days to return a girl’s call. In 2008 this was old fashioned. Today it would be absurd.

So do make sure that you take this into consideration with your texting. Speed is more important than it’s ever been; strike while the iron is hot. What was a “long time” to a girl 5 years ago is probably much longer these days. I would not take multiple days to respond to a girl under most circumstances.

However, please understand… if the problem you and a girl have is that she is taking 12+ hours to respond to you every since time…

Do not ask about “tactical advice.” You are barely in the game at this point. The girl is wasting your time and energy. Keep a strategic perspective and cut your losses.

Anyway, all this and more is covered in my book Tackling Texting (on kindle for $6.99).

It gives you a “big picture” strategic view of texting, aka what should be on your mind whenever you text a girl.

AND gives you a detailed, step by step approach to move from first message to date.

Very proud of this work. It is owned by pretty much every dating client is and is regularly referenced in the client group whenever people have a texting question — that’s how comprehensive it is.

You can buy it here: https://www.amazon.com/Tackling-Texting-Women-Natural-Dating-ebook/dp/B06XRC4C5K/

– Pat

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