I tweeted something out the other week:

Broke: All Women Are Like That

Woke: All Women Aren’t Like That

Bespoke: All Women Are Like That *In Their Generation*

I kid, of course. But there is truth in it… as you might surmise.

Zoomer culture is different compared to other generations. And while my clientele remains predominantly millennial, with a good chunk of gen-x (and a smattering of boomers)… as the zoomer cohort gains share, so we must discuss their unique proclivities.

Especially those of their females.

Now, of course I generalized in my tweet. There are plenty of “normal” zoomer girls.

However it is also apparent that two things have shifted their behavior vis-a-vis other generations:

a) the ability to access social platforms from a very young age has made them conditioned to virtual attention from childhood (something millennials can’t relate to)

b) the movement of male hierarchies away from simply the physical world (athletics) to the virtual (gaming)In other words… the internet has shaped their preferences.

Nothing particularly insightful there. But it is interesting how it has played out in practice.

Such as how the “whore” zoomer girls have taken to virtual prostitution — like cashapp, onlyfans, seeking arrangements — to leverage their proclivities into financial gain.

And most fascinatingly, the overlap between these girls and gamer girls — girls who play video games online with fans and cosplay (dress up like game characters).

Yes, literally what I’m saying here is that the girls playing video games on lifestream are very often the same girls dildoing themselves for $5 tips, and vice-versa. And even when these areas don’t fully overlap, the lines VERY blurred (OK Boomer girl and Belle Delphine, for instance, are selling sex — even if there aren’t nudes).

Perhaps this is simply because these girls are tech-savvy. Video chat, video games; playing in surreal worlds, creating surreal worlds — they are first to breach this new technological frontier, and they are seeing ways to profit from it.

But I think it is in fact something much more obvious, and reptilian.

As more guys get involve with gaming, these girls are simply going where the guys go.

ESPECIALLY as these guys are most socially isolated from women otherwise, and most inclined to pay for virtual sex.

My suspicion is that these girls don’t REALLY love gaming, what they love is when they game — especially with cat ears and a miniskirt — guys pay attention to them and throw money at them.

What they love is the SIMPING.

Because in essence these women are prostitutes — a tale as old as time, and one that will continue until time ends.

Which indeed brings me to my real point in all of this…

A lot of guys in the “manosphere” love to talk about the nature of modern women, and how slutty girls have become.

Some go so far as to blackpill their audience, under the aegis of speaking truth:

But the “truth” is all of this is garbage.

I’ve mentioned this time and time again, but most girls DON’T ho-around as a modus-operandi.

Some in fact never do. Most have gone through a mild phase or so, but don’t really enjoy it. They might have a one night stand or two after a break up, or in freshman orientation, and then go back to looking for something serious.

It’s only about 20% of women who are genuine sluts — who rack up ungodly numbers.

And not only does this chunk comprise the vast majority of girls that guys casually fuck, and the ones that beget these assumptions about the whole lot of women…

But these percentage of women has effectively remained unchanged throughout history.

There have ALWAYS been loose women. Some simply more libertine by nature, some desperate with daddy-issues.

The real issue with modern society isn’t that they created these women, but that they normalized their behavior and commingled them with the general female population.

Historically these women would be considered PROSTITUTES.

Which is why the “only fans” revolution is in fact a GOOD thing.

Because as these archetypically whorish women flock to the app, and profit off of their overt sexuality for the first time…

We will start to have a re-segmentation of classes of women.

A lot of the trad people need to understand…

The idea that all women used to be chaste before modern society is a MYTH.

Yes, modern society has pushed up every woman’s numbers, with mostly negative effects. But there were always women who were down to fuck; who understood how male sexuality worked…

And who realized that they could use this to their advantage.

The women in the lower classes turned it into an occupation. The ones in the upper classes used it for power, or as a way to flaunt the power they already had.

Anyway, we’ll talk more about it another time.

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– Pat