Considered not sending this out, as it’s the kind of email spam filters block…

But I was sent a study the other day I thought might be useful to some of you.

The topic?

Dick size… and how to increase it naturally and easily.

Even as I write that I laugh… that’s pretty much what you’d write if you were trying to sell scammy dick pills.

And the irony is that it actually involves taking pills.

Except it’s something you’re probably already taking… just not in the correct dose.

Vitamin D.

That’s right… apparently taking 50,000 IUD of D3 plus 100 mcg of vitamin K increased length and circumference by about 0.5 inches each over a 3-6 month period.

Which ain’t nothing to scoff about… considering guys who do “jelqing,” bathmate, and all of those mechanical methods can expect to gain about the same amount over that period of time.

A good thread including the article link is here if you want to check it out.

My thoughts?

First, a caveat. Remember I am not a doctor and advising you to do anything. As I understand that level of Vitamin D is borderline dangerous, especially if calcium consumption is high. Do your own research and consult a medical professional, etc.

That said…

My guess intuitively is that this study is probably correct.

My sex drive is higher in the spring/summer, as it is for most people. The cause almost certainly being the extra sun… which increases testosterone.

(note the same occurs in visits to the tropics)

And we know that, while other genetic factors certainly come into play, natal testosterone affects the growth of male genitals.

So, it seems reasonable that there would be some biological pathway here that would impact such things.

Moreover, and yes, this is going to be TMI…

I’ve noticed on various occasions — generally after prolonged time in the sun over a period of days — my dick seems “bigger”

Always thought it was strange (not that I was unhappy about it)

Perhaps it’s related.

Anyway, I’m going to be trying it out myself.

For, er… science

Oh, and if dick related issues are a problem for you? Perhaps insecurity, or performance anxiety? Don’t worry too much.

I’ve dealt with it with clients more times than I can count.

And on *every* occasion effectively troubleshot the problem, reducing or even eliminating said issues.

If you want help, apply here:

– Pat

PS I have to remind guys — from the perspective of good sex, bigger really isn’t always better.