An observation on a call with a client got me thinking about something.

Something I haven’t talked all too much about.

And yet, something that many guys have witnessed and wondered about.

What fascinating little phenomenon am I talking about?

Female escalation.

As in, you’re on a date… and despite you not really doing anything, or even having particularly good conversation… the woman starts to push the interaction further towards a hook up.

A lot of guys have wondered what the story is with this.

Why does game not matter sometimes?

Well, it’s actually not that complicated… so long as you understand how women ACTUALLY operate.

You see, while it’s true that women like to be pursued… that they want the guy to take the lead…

If a woman is horny, and your preselection is high… she will do the work for you if she has to.

Now, don’t misconstrue things. Women don’t enjoy doing this.

Usually a woman only pursues a guy to entice him to pursue her.

(Men want to be admired; women want to be desired)

But given the lack of balls and awareness of men today, a lot of women would never have sex if they didn’t do the work for him.

Some of you are probably reading this and thinking “so I guess all you have to do to get laid is look good or be famous.”

And you would actually be right.

But there are two catches, lest you think the right answer is to be lazy:

Catch #1 — If you want more than a one night stand, this isn’t enough. Since women hate taking the lead, once she “uses” you, she won’t want to see you again. And if she does… it’s simply to turn you into her pet boyfriend and control your life, even if you look like Brad Pitt.

Catch #2 — These women are almost always beneath you, and usually much further beneath you. So you are de-facto settling.

The real takeaway?

Get yourself looking good and build up your preselection because it gives you more leads and a lot more leeway should you make a mistake… but if you want to really get women, don’t neglect your game.

Lot of guys today think that the answer to so much feminine power in today’s society is just to “looksmax.” Nothing else matters to get women.

It couldn’t be further from the truth, unless you’re admitting to yourself that you’re a little bitch and are always going to be one.

Women are CRAVING masculine men today.

They are desperate for guys who understand them and know what they want.

And so what do I recommend?

Do some coaching with someone like me.

Look, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

You don’t need to work with me.

Maybe I am not the one for you.

(I am not your bargain basement-dwelling guru, I’m priced premium because those are my results)

But if your dating life isn’t optimized…

If you keep whiffing on opportunities, messing up dates, failing to close…

Well, perhaps you should stop fucking around.

And apply here:

– Pat