The other day on Twitter I made a thread about how different people handle their problems.

What I observed:

The bottom don’t do anything about them at all. They are helpless and get consumed by them. And when the chickens come home to roost, they blame other people.

The middle (most) are better. They take action… but only when survival is threatened. They focus primarily on eliminating pain, or acquiring quick pleasure.

Meanwhile, the elite? 

They take action when problems are SMALL.

They want to cover ALL of their bases.

If their dating life is good, but not exactly where they want it to be… they don’t settle. 

If their relationship is solid, but some issues are unresolved… they don’t let them fester.

They don’t waste time trying to “figure things out” when someone else has their answers.

Why is that?

Because they realize that TIME and ENERGY are far more important currencies than money.

That it is better pay premium for quality results and get THE BEST than to pay less and have their problem remain unsolved.

I’ll give you an example about why smart people think this way:

A couple of weeks ago to a friend of mine was in the process of looking for jobs.

He is in oil extraction and in his particular niche is pretty much the best at what he does.

Anyway, he applied for a job at one company. They needed exactly what his skill set provided.

But my friend, knowing his value, doesn’t price himself as cheap.

His fee was accessible, but premium.

Yet the company decided instead to hire someone who was more of a “bargain”. 

Or so it seemed.

Problem was… my friend found out about this through a mutual in the industry that the guy the company chose instead didn’t think about issues comprehensively, and so not only didn’t solve the problem… he invited other ones.

Now they’re fucked, and wanted to hire my friend.

Too bad, so sad, he’s already taken on a new, better role elsewhere.

It’s a powerful lesson about quality… one that is arguably even more relevant when dealing with affairs of the heart.

Because when you are trying to interface in complex social dynamics, navigate conflict, resolve deep emotional issues…


And I’m going to be real cocky, friends.

This shit is RAMPANT in the therapy / coaching industry.

People look at theory and apply it. They do not THINK and adjust methods based on context and the history & psychology of the individuals.

They are amateurs who like “helping people” rather than having any real expertise.

And so their clients suffer DEVASTATING consequences.

Which is why when people ask me “what theories do you use” I laugh.

I follow my 11 years of obsessive thinking and “living” love and attraction, the experience of top mentors in the fields I’ve studied DIRECTLY under like Nick Sparks, Alex Allman, Lorraine DeLear… and the trials of the 150+ clients I’ve professionally coached 1-1.

I focus on results — not ideology, not certification.

In my 5 years working I have sent ONE refund… and this was because I chose the client poorly.

At any rate.

I know some of you won’t get this.

You want to change… until you see a price that reflects its results.

Then all of a sudden you want cheap.


My price will keep going up, and those who procrastinate will gradually find access harder and harder.

You make your choices in life.

I just dropped 20k to learn under the best in “energy work” for 1.5 years.

I expect the same attitude out of my clients.

If you want to be one of them, apply here:

– Pat

PS I will be showing more “receipts” like this one from yesterday in the coming weeks… exchanges like these are regular from my clients