So the other day I got into it with one of the usual “international pleighboys” (misspelled cause they’re retarded larpers) who decided to start talking shit about me and my crew.(not naming him, he’s a nobody — you can waste time digging on my TL if you care)

As you might expect, I responded… a little too harshly, if I’m being real.

Everything I said was true, of course.

(That his existence is an endless loop of escapes, that he has no friends / family, that his life is basically a meaningless tragedy)

But when you tear someone down like that, you create bad vibes around you… so I kinda regret it.

And yet, there’s a very good reason otherwise “love and abundance” Pat Stedman gets MEAN sometimes.

Is it because it gratifies me in some way?

Probably. I’m human, I have a dark side. And since my intuition allows me to see very clearly both someone’s strengths as well as their weaknesses (one of my gifts with coaching)…. maybe I’m unconsciously eager for opportunities to use this power for cruelty.

(Bad Pat, bad!)

But in fact there is more to this equation than that.

People ask me why I don’t “move on” from the manosphere, with all of its amoral idiots and middle-aged peter pans.

Well, firstly not everyone there is bad or dumb by any means — quite the opposite. Plus me and #Upstream are a sub-tribe of that world whether we like it or not.

(Always know where you came from)

But more crucially:

There are an enormous number of lost, impressionable young men who listen to these broken doofuses… and absent intervention will download their toxic worldview.

Look — I don’t love having the same conversations as much as many of you don’t like hearing them.

It’s tedious having to defend meaning, hope, and love against hedonism, nihilism, and fear.

But other guys are watching.And you need to tear down false idols before the confused start to worship them.You need to fill empty space with good ideas and influences, lest bad ones take over.

Which brings me to my point…

A lot of you have been “programmed” with bad beliefs.

Maybe it’s the mainstream’s evocation for you to be weak and ashamed as a man.

Or maybe it’s the red pill’s exhortation to be emotionally avoidant and manipulative.

Either way, “unplugging” from this garbage isn’t enough.

Because nature abhors a vacuum.

You need to see a different way forward unless you want to remain in limbo.

A third way, if you will.

Which is why you should consider working with me very seriously.

Unlike many parrots, I don’t teach some amateur boilerplate “theory.”

This is tested, advanced material that will not only transform your results with women… but the way you navigate life.

I discovered it myself through experience and guidance from mentors.

Literally thinking about this shit non-stop for 11 years.

Consuming every bit of content out there, experimenting with each technique or concept I came across, seeking out the best experts and paying them tens of thousands of dollars to pick their brains…

And I didn’t do it for you, either.

I did it for me.

Because once upon a time I sucked at dating. I had panic attacks just being in the same room with pretty women I didn’t know. I couldn’t get them to notice me for the life of me.

And then when I managed to actually get women, I ran into troubles being in a relationship with them.

Dating did NOT prepare me for the unique trials of a committed relationship.

So I had to troubleshoot that too… unless I wanted to end up divorced.

Which means I not only understand the problems you face… I solved them.

Anyway, I think you get the idea.

Apply here:

– Pat