So I’ve experienced quite a few changes this past week.

Many will become more clear to you over the coming months.

But I want to talk today about something that I’ve alluded to in the past… but which takes on quite a deeper meaning for me today.

I’m referring to Energy.

Now, energy is one of those things that everyone knows matters.

But we tend to think of it in a biological sense.

And while this is of course relevant… intuitively you know this isn’t the only factor.

Take our good ol presidente, Trump.

Trump is fat and eats pretty badly. But love him or hate him, have you seen someone his age with more energy than him?

He never slows down. Contrast with “low energy” Jeb — a moniker that became a kill shot.

Low energy = weakness. Incapable of leadership.


Now take this information and begin to apply it to your social and romantic lives.

You can see that some people seem to have a greater… resonance… to them than others.

They are interesting, and while usually this is true in a “factual” sense… this is not their real draw to others.

(Some people travel all over and still manage to seem boring)

There is something intoxicating and engaging about being around these people.

They are unique.

They are a light.

And so it should be no surprise to you that these men and women have no trouble attracting the opposite sex.

They stand out in a room, particularly to other people who possess light… whether or not they know any “game” or what not.

As for the rest? The ones who have learned every trick and tactic in the book?

Against these high-energy (which by the way, isn’t the same as acting a fool), they lose.

Every time.

Because energy always wins. Energy is frame.

Look, I don’t mean this to offend.

But I’ve worked with well over 100 guys professionally at this point (and spoken in regards to guys’ dating / relationship lives 1000+)

And there is a common theme among those who are struggling and the ones who are thriving.


A lot of you guys want to get better at connecting with people, but your energy SUCKS.

It is dark. Cold.

I’d estimate low to non-existent if you were to have someone do some energy work on you.


I can teach you anything in the world about female psychology and attraction but if your energy is dogshit no one is going to want to associate with you.

Especially women — who by their very nature seek out men with energy as a matter of the sexual attraction process.

This is why the dumb jock chode at the bar gets laid and you don’t.

He’s dumb and boring but he has vitality.

Meanwhile you are smart and interesting but give off corpse-like vibes.

Ok, that was harsh.

But I’m saying it like it is to underline how much it matters. Your energy is more important than learning anything else when it comes to attraction.

Of course, most guys who are involved in this space don’t “get” this or at least won’t admit it.

Because admitting such things is bad for business when your own energy is toxic… plus it’s harder to sell energy vs overly intellectualized “female psychology hacks.”

Which brings me to something very relevant for you.I’ve talked about this before. Though I “get it” more than I did back then.

People think signing up for coaching is about information.

This is true on the surface… but the reason the reputation of coaches is so variable (some are awful, others are amazing) is because the benefit isn’t really about the information.

Yes, of course knowledge matters. Guys who repeat boilerplate shit (“red pill / blue pill”) won’t help you nearly as much as those who understand contextual nuance and know human psychology backwards and forwards…

But it’s still not the main benefit.

The coach’s energy is… since it gets transferred to the client.

And guess what?

I am starting to get better and better at channeling this to my guys.

If you’re interested in receiving, apply here:

– Pat