So yesterday I talked about an “exception” to the usual rule about closing girls you meet out at night.

We’re going to get to that in a minute… but first I want to clarify something.

By “closing” girls I don’t mean getting aggressive or desperate for a specific outcome. Some girls who are only interested in you “situationally” aren’t necessarily going to sleep with you, regardless of your game. Maybe they’re out for attention, and just want to dance with a guy, flirt, or make out.

The point is that most girls who go out are looking for a guy to have fun with in that situation, not necessarily meet a guy they want to see again.

So it’s up to you to push forward. If she’s not interested in going further, you can find another girl who is.

(This is where experience comes in, since the real ability true “players” have is to know which girls are there to have a “good time,” and which are there to do nothing. It’s filtering and accurate targeting that sets their results apart from the average, far more than game.)

Anyway, about that exception.

There IS a time when girls who are out at night will actually give you a number, remember you, and respond to your texts the next day.

And it’s pretty intuitive.

(Though unfortunately guys don’t think about it)

That time is EARLY.

Like 9-10PM at the bar.

(Though of course calibrate for your city and culture’s scene)

The reason being?

The girls aren’t drunk yet. The energy is not yet “high” — and the noise is not yet loud.

So, the girls are a) very open to conversation… and b) in a more “day game” kind of mood, since the “situational” stuff hasn’t yet occurred.

I recommend guys pursuing “bar game” do this, for multiple reasons.It gets you out of your head and friendly, so you can be “in the zone” for girls later who are ready for those situational hook ups.

– It allows you to leverage that practice into long-term leads
– A tactical point, however.

If you get her number, make sure to bounce from the bar, or get it as she is leaving.

Contrary to dumb PUA lore, collecting numbers at a bar isn’t a good strategy.

Girls notice this stuff… remember it’s better to act normal and get laid than act like a player and get blown off.

Now, sometimes those numbers won’t go anywhere, despite how good your interaction went.

The reason is pretty simple, though.

She met another guy later that night and hooked up.

But, trust me this isn’t all that common — especially today.

Guys just aren’t doing as much night game.

And not for no reason either. Tinder has seriously affected the evening market. Less girls are going out to get laid… they’d prefer to swipe than actually put themselves at risk of nothing happening, or of having to settle.

(I know, like it’s tough for them compared to us)

Anyway, some food for thought on this saturday.

I’ll talk a little bit more about some night game tactics tomorrow… and then we’ll move onto some bigger fish.

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