One thing that guys tend to mess up is getting a read on why a girl is interested in them.

For instance, it’s pretty common for guys getting started in game to generally do quite bad with women… but in a certain situation, hook up with a girl they would normally consider to be a challenge.

Similarly, it’s also common for guys to think they’re doing well with a girl one night, but to get complete radio silence from her the next day.

These are confusing problems for guys who think a woman’s attraction level is constant, whereas the truth is quite the opposite.

Women are generally less attracted to specific guys, than attracted to random guys who just happen to be around in the right moment or context.

You see… women, like men, go out with different intentions.

And are willing to entertain activities in some time and places that they’d never entertain in others.

So if you go to a bar one night, and meet a woman there who is celebrating (or escaping from) something… she’s going to be LOOKING for a guy, or is at least open to a guy… and in all likelihood is open to getting laid.

But is oriented ONLY towards what happens that night.

This shouldn’t be confusing for guys, since it seems quite logical that when a guy goes out, he might hook up with a girl he wouldn’t normally (or soberly) pursue.

But guys seem to forget the same applies for women.

So if you’re out in a high-energy, spontaneous, or celebratory environment… and you and a girl start vibing… pay attention to the nature of your connection.

Because sometimes, there really is something there.

Which is cool.

And if you spend enough time nurturing this connection, you will likely get a second date.

(Just be wary of the affects of alcohol on what a girl remembers about you…)

But more often than not, in these environments, you HAVE to make the move that night… or you will never hear from her again.

In these cases the girl is out to “have fun” and is very open to the idea of hooking up.


Basic game and the confidence to escalate will get you across the finish line.

So don’t take it casual with these girls and expect a round 2.

It won’t happen.

Now, there is an important exception to this, which we’ll talk about tomorrow.

But internalize the general point for now.

And if you want guidance on discerning when she likes you for you, or when she likes you for the situation…

Well, the devil is in the details. And depends a lot on the context.

Generally, “situational” girls are a bit quicker to “bite.” She’ll respond pretty easily when you escalate. She may stop you from going all the way… but will try to keep you in her orbit for that night.

Meanwhile, the girls you vibe with tend to be much more invested in you and your story.

But, honestly, it’s difficult to explain in general. It’s something you need experience to read.

You can only really learn it by putting yourself in the situation… and having someone break it down for you, so you get a “feel” for it.

And the best way to do that is to work with an expert who will teach you it all.An expert like yours truly.

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– Pat