So I heard an inspiring story the other day.

It’s about a girl I’ve known since my youth, but haven’t talked to in a few years. She’s an average to above-average looking girl, though nothing to write home about aesthetically.

But she’s clever, confident, loyal, and by all accounts pretty good in bed.

(This is word-of-mouth / inferential, I think I’ve only maybe made-out with her drunkingly at some point. I wouldn’t call her a “slut” but she’s not prude.)

Anyway, she was dating this guy who in many ways was “out of her league,” at least on paper.

He was a successful guy and when his change of jobs took him from NYC to DC, she followed him.

Pretty soon after arriving in the new city, however, he met a girl at work. She was an attractive junior colleague, who was very friendly right away.So he gave out his number.

And they started texting.I think you can already start to see where this story is going.

Now, as I mentioned, she’s a confident girl.

So she didn’t freak out or anything when she noticed the girl was texting him all the time.

But she told him, “Be careful.” It wasn’t a threat, simply a reminder: you’re in a relationship, and this girl is interested… don’t get caught up in her attention.

Anyway, he didn’t take the advice. Started texting back more. At this point they were texting every day.

So she told him how she felt: “Look, I don’t really feel comfortable with you texting this girl all the time. It’s obvious she likes you and is interested.”

He tried to gaslight her and told her “it wasn’t a big deal, she’s just a work colleague.”

But the pace didn’t stop, and at this point he was trying to hide it from her.

So she did something very uncommon in this day and age.

She broke up with him.

It blindsided him, apparently. But it’s not going to hit him until later.

The reason being: the girl he was texting was an insecure, validation seeking girl.

She was running girl game on him, and obviously grabbed him at a vulnerable spot.

And so seduced him.

Now, will they hook up?

Almost certainly.

But I don’t expect it to last very long.

Their flirtation is based on validation. And even worse — occurred while he was with another woman.

Once she fully conquers him, she’ll ditch him and move on.

Or perhaps it will go the other way, and he will realize in a few months that there isn’t any depth to their dynamic.

Either way, he’ll regret what he did, and what he lost.

Because this girl had something very, very rare today.

Dedication and self-respect.

She didn’t create any drama. She communicated to him when he was in breach of trust.

And when he didn’t respect that trust, she left him.

She didn’t wait for him to cheat.

And it didn’t matter to her that she had already adjusted so much of her life to be with him.

He didn’t treat her with respect, and so she was gone. Period.

When that line was crossed, his SMV no longer mattered.

Gentlemen… these are the women you want to commit to.

These are what I mean by “strong, feminine women.”

They are loving, giving, dedicated.

But they give these things to their man because they want to.

They’re not desperate nor disposable.

And if you treat them like they are, they will disappear and never make you forget it.

Unfortunately for this guy, he lost her.

(Guaranteed he reaches out in the next 2 years.)

(UPDATE: He did. She’s got a new boyfriend though 😉

Because these women aren’t common.

But… they do exist.

You just need to know how to find them.

Something that I can show you how to do.

You see, high-end dating is all about discernment.

Figuring out which women are gaming you, which ones are being real.

Which ones are seducing you to season the experience, and which ones are seducing you because they want something from you.

Which ones you should escape… which ones are worth a fling… and finally, which ones are worth years… even a lifetime.

To learn how to find and attract these women, go here:

– Pat