I got into a conversation with the daygame guys yesterday (always a pleasure), and the topic fell once again upon the topic of a strong woman.

Now, this is based on something I said the other day… more or less that “strong men want strong women.”

And to be honest, I regret my phrasing.

“Strong woman” (like “independent woman”) are trigger words for men today, since they’re basically feminist code words justifying an aggressive, abrasive attitudes (which I don’t need to say, are extremely unattractive).

But I’m not wrong about what I said.

I just said it poorly.

You see, there are two kinds of feminine women.

The first is innocent and childlike. These are girls, usually, who you first begin dating in your youth. Historically protected by their father from the harshness of the world, these women are naive, charming, and fickle… in many ways, a mirror image of nature and youth.

These are the girls men fantasize about when life has worn them down. The “midlife crisis” girls. Hot and luscious, carefree — these 20 year olds are a cool spring to ground-up 40 year old man who has no idea where he’s let his life take him.

To the 40 year old who probably doesn’t recognize his wife.

Not so much because she’s physically unattractive, persey.

But because her attitude has transformed.

She’s become tough and rough.

Maybe a mother, maybe a career woman — even if the career is not anything to scoff at. The details are less important than you’d believe. What it is, is a woman who feels equally out of control in her life.

Who grabs onto “strength” and “independence” like they are life rafts.

Men do this too, for what it’s worth.It’s extremely common in the red pill circles. The instant tell a man is in such a state, is that he defines himself through some self-inflating label.

“I’m a red pill aware guy”AKA “nothing can harm me.” It’s no different for women who cling onto the “strong” label to build themselves up. It’s an aspiration.

An aspiration born of a lack of control.

The truth — and you don’t need ME to tell you this — is that these women are hanging on by a thread.

They’ve lost their childlike innocence, if they ever had it. They’ve lost their femininity. So they’ve had to construct a new identity.

An identity based on being a “survivor” (meta: a victim) or “independent” (meta: a slave).

It’s something @memeticvalue mentioned later on in the day, but these women are trying to mimic the actually strong, fearless woman. They are not that woman, however. Which is why they overcompensate so much with their abrasiveness.

Understand this, gentlemen:Women who are *actually* strong, do inspire men.

They are a maturation of nature’s spirit.

One type is not like the foal, but the stallion. These women have a vitality and endurance to that is intoxicating for men. It challenges us, demands more of us, invigorates us.

And the other type is like a mighty river, cool yet powerful and enduring, brimming with wisdom. It too challenges us — reminding us of boundaries, and refreshing us as needed.

Both of these variations are strong and independent, and yet remain feminine.

The only reason so many guys find them a fantasy is that sadly, like their male counterparts, they are rare — particularly today.

But if you want to attract one for yourself, it’s possible.

You just need to become the kind of man they choose to give their femininity to.

A confident, masculine, grounded man… who understands the female psyche, and what it desires.

(These men get it all… because they deserve it)

Or, you can choose another path. The more common one.

Date the first girl that shows interest in you, since you never had the confidence to take initiative on your own. Commit to her. Enjoy about 3-6 months of good sex before it all shuts down.

And become stuck and frustrated, yet dependent… until she decides to pull the plug and leave.

The difference between the two?

Option 1 takes commitment and action (and investing in yourself, like coaching).

Option 2 takes nothing. Just keep on keeping on

If you choose Option 1, go here: www.patstedman.com/application

– Pat