I am in a serious rush today, so this will be a bit of a “basic bitch” email. But I want to get it out anyway since it’s been awhile since I talked to ya’ll.

(in my “other” job this is a very busy time of the year, and as some of you have seen I’ve also gotten myself into some attention-sapping drama)

Anyway the topic is dopamine.

Dopamine is something I have only recently come to understand. It’s basically a hormone that, when in balance, makes you feel good about yourself and your life.

Think of it like a bank account. Some activities add to it; others take from it.

Low dopamine = depressionHigh dopamine = confidence

These activities can be largely broken down into: Productive vs Consumptive

Obviously production activities are *generally* less positive in the moment. They can be quite hard (aka shitty).

Afterwords though, you feel a sense of accomplishment that adds a bunch of dopamine to your bank account. Feels good man.

Meanwhile, consumption does the OPPOSITE.

It’s (literally) like buying a bunch of stuff you want but can’t afford. You feel good while buying but then after the sensation passes, you feel like shit.

Dopamine account = EMPTY

This is what happens when you scroll social media, watch porn, abuse substances… you are depleting your dopamine, which is why you feel like shit afterwords.

(Read: How To Quit Bad Habits)

Low dopamine is what happens when you sell off the future for the present.

Your body knows.

The solution?

Get off the hedonic treadmill and get grounded.

I have found the following all help my dopamine replenish:

– sleep
– supplements (tyrosine, l-theanine, gingko biloba, curucumin, optimized testosterone)
– aerobic exercise
– getting tasks done

Note it will take time for your system to self-correct. But put in the effort and your life will change dramatically for the better.

A life without dopamine is literally a life of hell.

You alone hold the keys to escape.

Choose wisely…

And if you want help getting grounded, so you can actually make all of these changes?

Get some “deep work” done, so you stop fighting against yourself.

Deep work such as I do with my clients.

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– Pat

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