The night is approaching, so we’ll cut to the chase here.

Most guys looking for a night out on the town will order a beer or a drink.

No big deal. An easy way to loosen up and fit in.

Only issue is that “beer” often turns from one, to two, to TEN.

Before he knows it, he’s three sheets to the wind.

And he’s gone from being smooth to sloppy.

Not good.

When you go out limit your alcohol intake if you want to enhance your chance of success. Have three drinks TOPS throughout the night. If you need something to hold, order water instead.

Does this mean things won’t work out if you drink?

Of course not. God knows people hook up under the influence all the time.

But if you’re trying to learn this stuff especially, do yourself a favor and let your senses be on full alert so you can pay attention.

In the game of seduction, the people most aware wins.

Drunk guys miss more opportunities through dulled reflexes than from enhanced confidence.

Happy Hunting,


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