The Thot Market

In passing, yesterday we mentioned “gamer chicks” and how guys need to dominate that domain to get girls, seeing how few of them there are. But there’s another aspect to this I want to explore, so you can become more aware. Specifically, that of “thot market” — and where it allocates thots. Some of this …

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Emotional Cheating

One term that always confused me a bit was “emotional cheating.” Maybe confused isn’t the right word, but the whole thing seemed a bit weird. Is it when someone gets close to regular cheating but holds themselves back? Is it simply a lesser form of cheating? Or is it something else entirely? I’ve started to …

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Why Do Women Love Status?

WHY DO WOMEN LOVE STATUS? There is one iron-clad law of the dating game: Women love status. Consciously or not, they gravitate towards men who have popularity, riches, and fame… and if in a relationship, desire that their men achieve higher status himself. As such, many men make it their be-all-end-all goal to acquire as …

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