Self-Improvement or Self-Love?

I put out a tweet the other day that was met with a very mixed response: Not surprising tbh, even though this is hardly the first time I’ve talked about “the issues of self-improvement” Many guys get “triggered” by attacks on this topic, as it’s very dear to them. You might even say for most …

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The #1 Secret To Frame Control

Gonna make today’s email short and sweet… because it’s not anything we need to make too complicated. Guys talk a lot about how to hold frame in relationships, and they’ll mention all sorts of ‘tactical’ hacks. Agree and amplify. Dread game. Cocky funny. You’ve heard a lot of tricks and concepts, I’m sure. But really, …

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We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us

A couple days ago I wrote something on Twitter about “models of mental management.” I don’t know whether I made this ambiguous term up or borrowed it, but it’s basically a way of codifying how you get yourself to do things. The conventional approach, especially in our corner, is discipline. You don’t want to do something …

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