Romancing The Whore

Another good thread from Roobz decided to riff off of: First things first: women DO struggle to receive admiration for their beauty these days. Social programming has been very successful at traumatizing women and making them consider the “male gaze” oppressive or demeaning. Most of the modern problems in sexual dynamics flow downstream from this. …

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What The Movies Get Wrong About Love

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s breakdown of the men in Sixteen Candles. But there was another element I wanted to mention from the film… Because while it’s fun and useful to talk about archetypes, the reality is that movies are a snapshot in time. They don’t capture an individual’s growth, or the evolution of a relationship. They take a moment, …

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Breakfast Club Romance

So to continue with these 80s movies themes, last week I also saw the Breakfast Club. Which turned out to be a very, very interesting exploration of sexual psychology. Let’s talk first about the biggest character in the film, Bender. Bender is a grungy, edgy guy who dresses like a rockstar, does drugs, disrespects authority, …

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