Do You Like To Be Deceived?

Last Sunday was Latin Easter. And now that I have kids, I have the privilege of directing an easter egg hunt. My daughter is just over 2, and while this is her third “hunt” technically, this is the first year she’s really gotten into it. We spent a solid 20 minutes searching for eggs around …

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Why I “Bully Women”

So it seems as if I touched a nerve. Roobz — a woman who I have been on panels with, and who I have only ever supported — decided to make some comments about my marriage in a public forum. Apparently she felt it was appropriate to raise her opinion among strangers. So I raised the …

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Yesterday an interesting little video popped up in my timeline. Ines — a young and attractive Spanish TikTok star, known for her “cute” accent — was crying. Apparently some people were mean and bullying her! Saying her accent wasn’t real. And she’s very insecure about her accent 🙁 So she did what any girl with …

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