Your World

The following is a guest post from my dear, elusive friend Hutt. Many of you may remember him. —– You aren’t meeting the right people because they don’t exist – for you  The level of self-awareness you have, the extent to which you manage your emotions and the development level of your communication skills, all …

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Talking To A Sugar Baby

So as you should know if you got last email, on Friday I was out with the illustrious Hutt. And boy were adventures to be had.We started off at cheap, local Italian BYOB and headed to one of the more famous establishments in Philly (for those who know, at least): Bob and Barbara’s. I could …

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What Is #Upstream?

WHAT IS #UPSTREAM? There have been a lot of comments and questions about #UpstreamTwitter in recent days — what it entails, what we stand for, what we hope to achieve. We appreciate the interest. But I’ll admit, although the the group nominated me to take a stab at it — these aren’t easy questions to …

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